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Caring for your pet

To us there is no sweeter sound than the noise of a happy, chirping bird, and it seems many of you
agree as birds have long been a very popular choice of pet the world over. We have a number of
different types of pet birds available to buy at Didcot Pet Store, including budgies, lovebirds,
canaries, parakeets, finches and cockatiels. These fantastic birds are all equally beautiful, but very
different in character, and we can help you to select the right breed for you.

When you purchase a bird from Didcot Pet Store you can rest assured that you are buying a happy
and healthy animal, who has had the very best start to life.

We have been awarded a five star rating by DEFRA, which means our animal welfare and care meet the highest possible standards. All our birds are well socialised with humans, which should help to make the transition to their new home a smooth one.

At Didcot Pet Store you will also find everything you need to care for your bird at home. We have a great selection of cages and aviaries, feed, perches, treats and toys available to purchase in store.

Wondering what animals we currently have in stock?

Our live animal stock lists are updated regularly on our Facebook page. You can also call the store on 01235 815511 to find out what we have available.

Looking for help and advice?

If you’re looking for help and advice on choosing the right type of bird, or how best to care for them at home, we are only too happy to help. Whether you need help getting started with bird ownership, or are looking for a bit of advice as to how best to ensure your bird’s good health we are all ears. We have owned and cared for birds for many years and are always glad to share our experience with anyone who asks.

Just visit us in store to chat to a member of our team, or get in touch via phone where we will also be happy to help.