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Caring for your pet

Fish are a very popular pet choice for many people as they are not only beautiful and relaxing to
watch, but also incredibly low maintenance. It goes without saying that they don’t need taking for
walks, or annual booster jabs from the vets, so they’re a great option for many busy households.
Whether you are a lover of tropical, temperate or coldwater fish, we can certainly see the appeal of
these peaceful creatures.

We do not currently stock live fish for sale, but we do offer many of the products you need to care
for your fish such as feed and tank ornaments and accessories.

Visit Didcot Pet Store to take a look at the range of products we have on offer for fish owners.

Are you interested in any other pets?

We have a great selection of products for all pet types, from bedding and food to toys and grooming products. We cater for Dogs, Cats, Small Animals, Reptiles, Birds, Fish, Farm & Poultry and Horses.

We also stock a number of live animals for sale. The animals we have available changes on a regular basis, and the stock list is shared via our Facebook page. Please follow us on Facebook to make sure your receive the most up-to-date information. Alternatively please contact the store directly via phone.